April 2023 Trestleboard

April 2023

Brethren all,

Spring in full swing – we find ourselves in the month of fertility, light, and luster from the East! I am reminded that as Humanity celebrates the resurrection of life, so should we venerate the idea of renewal. As the season shines on us, and our labors – so we must shine our light of friendship on the World, as we have promised to befriend and relieve everyone who needs our assistance. Often times, the simplest gesture can make someone’s day – a simple act, as a friend. Let’s all govern ourselves accordingly.

This month, in our continued efforts to ‘Earn the Title, Every Day’, as we reflect on renewed vigor, we will be raising a worthy Brother fellowcraft to the sublime degree of Master Mason! We will also plus-up the MM ranks by a factor of 5 after the One Day Conferral on April 29th. Our newest EA is making steady progress toward his return.

April Stated Communication (17th) is fast approaching. Fellowship and dinner will commence at 1800hrs with our meeting to follow, commencing at 1900hrs. Please join us, if within the length.

Sincerely and Fraternally Yours,
Brother Brandon C. Bateman
WM – 2023

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