August 2021 Trestleboard

John A. Lejeune lodge picture from outside. Signs have relevant lodge times on them.

For July’s Stated Communications, we voted in two Master Masons that had petitioned to affiliate and one Fellowcraft as well.
Dinner was provided by a certain Colonel from Kentucky who, at his request, will remain nameless!
That young fellowcraft had an experience like no other, as we conferred his Master Mason degree in full costume. What a great and humbling experience. The costumes were provided by one of the affiliating Master Masons. Everyone did a fantastic job and we look forward to conferring many more Master Mason degrees in costume. And a special thank you to the visiting brothers that help make the degree a success.
As you know, the District Schools were cancelled due to the COVID-19 and concerns for the craft being infected. That being said, I am quite happy to announce the return of District School. Dates and Lodges for the remainder of the year are listed below:
Dale City Wednesday, Aug. 25th
Mt Vernon Wednesday, Sept. 22nd
Fort Hunt/Skidmore Wednesday, Oct. 22nd
Concerning the well-being of some of the Brethren;
Right Worshipful Brother Don Ritenour and his wife Debbie are doing well and are in good spirits. As always, please keep them in your thoughts and wish them well that he may be able to return to Lodge in the near future.
Worshipful Brother Earl Covey one of our very senior honored members, remains at a Hospice in Silver Spring, Md. with no change in his condition. Please keep him in your prayers!
Last, but most certainly not least, if there is a brother that you have not had any word from or contact with in a while, I urge you to reach and check on them, we are all in this together although it may not seem like it at times. No brother is an island as long as there is one brother to check on him!
Administrative notes and parting shots:
This months’ Stated Communications will be white dinner jackets for Station Officers. Dinner will be served and a short presentation will be done the Quantico Assembly of the Rainbow Girls.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Randall Arnold, Worshipful Master

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