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Veterans Day flags

November has been a momentous one with a number of the new Master Masons being certified, thanks to the coaching of RWB Rex and WB Leo at the Lodge on Monday night and also at the Friday night “Garage Lodge” with WB Jim Solomon. Excellent instruction and the opportunity to socialize while maintaining health standards per the guidance from “higher up” has proven to be a winning recipe for success. To date, this marks four of the seven new One-Day Conferral Mason’s being certified as full Master Masons.
Two of the new recently certified Brothers are active duty Marines and were in receipt of Change of Station orders to other locations and who have since departed the area, we wish them well in their continuing journey as Masons and Marines.
This year the Veterans’ Day observance at Quantico National Cemetery was cancelled because of health and virus concerns.
The Stated Communications went well. We had a first-time visit by a Past Master from Missouri whose son has decided to petition the lodge, as well as a return visit from a Brother currently stationed at the Officer Candidate School here at Quantico whose home lodge is in Okinawa, Japan. It was good having them both aboard for the evening.
On the recommendation of Brother Frank Harris, the Christmas Basket program was cancelled for this year and it was decided to give $75.00 gift certificates in their place for 15 needy Marine families. The reasoning was because of the very real concern for everyone’s safety due to the COVID virus.
Additionally, there are a few announcements concerning the well-being of some of the Brethren;

  • Brother Frank Harris returned home from a short stay at the hospital at Fort Belvoir for what can be described as a bad old with non-COVID complications, however his wife Terri remains there and is weathering the storm. We all send our best wishes for a full recovery and a speedy one.
  • Brother Roger Easterling is pending surgery for a knee replacement next week. While he still has trouble using his left shoulder, it is getting better as time goes on.
  • Brother Earl Covey one of our very senior honored members, remains at the Veterans Home in Washington, D.C.

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

Administrative notes and parting shots:
Due to the threat of contagion from the COVID virus, the following closures and cancellations have put in place:

  • The National Museum of the Marine Corps is closed to the public until further notice.
  • The Quantico Christmas Parade, the breakfast for the town’s employees and the visit from Santa was cancelled.

This month at the stated Communications we will be holding elections. There will be a tiled and closed installation immediately following.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Randall Arnold, Worshipful Master

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