December Trestleboard 2018

Quantico truck 531 with Santa.

December 2018 Trestleboard

My Brethren,
The dinner that we provided for the Pennsylvania travelling Shriners went exceptionally well. Thank you to everyone that helped to make that a successful endeavor. Luckily RW Jim and Marie Newcomer were there to keep us all straight. They had a lot of practice prepping meals for groups, four that month I think. But we couldn’t have done it without everyone else’s help as well. We not only had our own members but also several members of the Eastern Star there to keep the lines moving and the brothers and wives fed. It was the most full I have ever seen our fellowship hall, what a fantastic day.
On that day we also received a check from the Calvin A. Lloyd Eastern Star chapter that meets at the lodge to assist in paying for the building insurance. I am extremely pleased to see how strong a tie we have with our Brothers and Sisters of the Eastern Star. Our building is close to one hundred years old and with the constant dedication of our Lodge and the Chapter we may have that building for another hundred years.
November’s stated meeting brought laughter and understanding. I would like to thank everyone that provided quotes before the meeting and those that participated during the interactive presentation of modes of recognition. There were a large collection of odd phrases and I am pretty sure there were a few that people had never heard before. There were definitely a few I had never heard before. So now, we are all armed with knowledge of the answers, when we are traveling, to what might be said to us when someone sees the square and compasses we proudly wear.
Rex is working hard to get our 501c10 promptly fixed. Money will be set aside for repairs and upgrades and we are starting to form a list of must fix items in the lodge. The top of the list appears to be electrical wiring. There are a few other items that are close to being essentials as well. If you can think of anything that is imperative to fix at this time, please contact RW Jim or WM Jim and let them know your opinion. Our donation has been deposited and we are in talks right now of the best way to invest the money so that we can continue to operate off the interest and leave the principal untouched. This will allow the lodge to weather any storms when it comes to dips in membership or problems arising in the future.
Speaking of membership we voted in two new candidates last meeting and that means we have three individuals ready to enter the craft as EAs. We will be trying to get their degrees scheduled early December so please keep your eyes open for degree dates. Attend if you are capable and willing. It is always heartwarming to see the seats full when new members are being brought in. Sadly, we did have to let a few of our members go for non-payment of dues being in the arrears of two years or more. It is a very difficulty decision to drop members, but without any word of need we had to do what was best for the Lodge. If you, as a member, fall upon hard times—all it takes is a letter or phone call and the Lodge will more than likely aid you as best they can. Even if that means the Lodge pays your dues for you, but if we are not informed, we cannot help.
Oh my goodness, is it December already?
The Town of Quantico Christmas parade is on December 1st. We will be hosting the town officers at 0800 for coffee and breakfast, lunch at 1100 and the parade at 1300. Santa will be visiting the lodge at 1330 and we will need help cooking breakfast, lunch and cleaning up afterwards. I would like to recognize the Eastern Star ladies and our members RW Jim, Rex and Jason for setting up for receiving Santa.
Remember that this month is the election of officers and is held on the second Monday and not the third. Practice for the installation will be on December 12th at 1830 and the Installation of officers will be Saturday, December 15th at 1400.
December 20th, the Sojourners will need assistance with the annual Christmas food baskets. They are gathering at the Commissary at 0700 to assemble the food baskets and start to disperse them to needy families in Quantico. Everyone that can help is welcome. We are contacting the Base as well looking for volunteers.
I have been very blessed to have such a great corps of officers and brothers working with me this year to make our Lodge successful. We have visited a variety of lodges in and out of our district, had speakers at every meeting, and found time to socialize outside of the hall. I hope that everyone will continue to show their support for my successor and all that follow after. Together we can continue to make Masonry a guiding light for all mankind.

Respectfully and fraternally yours,
Jim Solomon, Worshipful Master
John A. Lejeune Lodge No. 350 AF&AM

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