February 2024 Trestleboard

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From the East:

Winter came and winter went with little fan fare. We hunkered down and ran to the store to grab all the milk, bread and eggs as we could. Some stated communications had to be rescheduled and schools had to close. The snow we got was promised but not the ice and wintery mix. Under all the beautiful white lay something far more dangerous. That got me thinking as masons we sometimes gloss over things we shouldn’t (e.g. you hear a brother say it’s all good when maybe they aren’t). We don’t address it and then the conditions are perfect for something dangerous to happen—we lose a brother to miscommunication or worse a personal affront. For some the winter was a welcomed respite for others a cold reality. As we move towards warmer weather, let us move Masonicly in a direction that ensures our communications and our actions build stronger bonds of brotherhood. The first branch I served in was the United States Army. My unit’s motto was Audacia (by daring deeds). As Masons we must be audacious so we don’t lose brothers. It is more than simply asking if a brother is good. It is taking a bold risk of asking the follow up questions. In the Marine Corps, we used the motto Semper Fidelis—always faithful. We owe it to each brother to faithfully take that bold risk to ensure we are truly square. Take the time to know your brother. Take the time to understand your fellowman. I am no weatherman but I do know when winter shows the bonds forged will ensure those conditions aren’t perfect for a catastrophic event. Communication will be clear and slippery conditions will be avoided. As we move into February let us strengthen our bonds and be ready for when winter truly comes whether it is literal or metaphorical.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Worshipful Brother Morgan Tolliver

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