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January 2023

January is here, with eyes that keenly glow –
a frost-mailed warrior striding a shadowy steed of snow.
– Edgar Fawcett, American Poet (1847–1904)

Brethren all,
A simple heartfelt thank you is in order. Thank you – for your special trust and confidence in me as a worthy Brother Master Mason, to serve this outstanding
lodge as Worshipful Master for 2023. The honor is entirely mine, and my heart swells with gratitude and brotherly love. Know this; I am the most fortunate of all of us, as Master, for one monumental reason: I am amongst thee!
It will be a busy year, indeed. To set the pace and tone, our January stated communication will have many very important articles of business to which we must attend, as well as a few programmatic pieces and a very fun surprise segment of Masonic Education – one that, to my knowledge, has never been done in the Lodge. It will be one for the ages!
We have four interested petitioners, two more awaiting their initiation, and five Entered Apprentices, all of whom are making steady progress in their work toward their next degree. All that to say; we will have a lot of degree work coming up! Please monitor communications and try your best to show your support to these new Candidates and the Lodge by attending the upcoming degree work. We will no doubt need the help.
January is the line of demarcation for renewal. We trust that renewed vigor will guide our consciences in our labors. We trust in one another that what is said will be done. We trust in our candidates that their intentions are pure, and the West Gate is properly guarded. We trust in our own hearts that our perseverance in our labors will be put well to use.
As we strive to carry out our mission to ‘Earn the Title, Every Day’ – by together conforming to the precepts of the institution – let us be reminded of that inherent
attachment, which as necessary to the proper function of the Lodge, we produce in the form of becoming worthy of the trust so reposed by ourselves, our fellow Brethren, and all whom we serve.
I hope to see you all at Stated Communication on Monday, 16th of January. Fellowship and dinner will commence at 1800hrs with our meeting to follow, commencing at 1900hrs. Please join us, if within the length.
Sincerely and Fraternally Yours,
Brother Brandon C. Bateman
WM – 2023

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