July 2023 Trestleboard

July 2023

Brethren all,
Fraternal greetings. This month, the glaring admonition to all came in the form of Independence Day, a fleeting 24 hours, reminding us of exactly that, Independence – from oppression and tyranny of every form, including from oneself. Our shared Masonic values very much informed the creation of the American Declaration of Independence.
Further, the values of Freemasonry and what subsequently became the ideas of the American Rule of Law, share several striking parallels that reflect their mutual commitment to justice, equality, and the pursuit of individual liberty. Both Freemasonry and the American Rule of Law emphasize the importance of upholding a fair and impartial system that treats all individuals equally, regardless of their social status, background, or personal beliefs.
Freemasonry, with its emphasis on brotherhood, unity, and moral conduct, aligns with the principles of the American Rule of Law that aim to ensure justice and equal protection under the law for all citizens. Moreover, both systems prioritize the importance of personal integrity, honesty, and respect for others.
They both encourage individuals to seek truth and to uphold ethical values in their interactions with others and in their pursuit of justice. The shared values of our beloved fraternity, and the American Rule of Law, promote a harmonious society where the rights and dignity of individuals are protected, serving as ‘pillars’ of strength in the quest for a just and equitable society.
This month, in our continued efforts to ‘Earn the Title, Every Day’, as we celebrate and remember the ideas of Independence, let us also be reminded of a strict obedience to the same. Brother Sr. Warden will expand on Obedience below.
Attire for July Stated Communication (17th) is Hawaiian (or otherwise Polynesian/Pacific islander) shirt.
Fellowship and dinner will commence at 1800hrs with our meeting to follow, commencing at 1900hrs. Please join us, if within the length.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Bro. Brandon Bateman

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