March 2020 Trestleboard

At the Stated Communications, it was noted that both petitioners from last month had been interviewed and investigations held; one petition was balloted on and approved.
It was brought to the attention of the Lodge that Brother George Crum, a 69-year member had passed in January.
Additionally, Brother Eddie Sykes shared the announcement that Brother Earl Covey, one of our very senior and honored members, was not doing well physically and to please keep him in our prayers.
We had the pleasure to put on a FC degree this past month after Brother Bateman passed his EA catechism. Brother Barry Mensch was kind enough to lend his time and skills for a fantastic Senior Deacon lecture. After talking with Brother Solomon, it seems that we will be setting the cast for a MM degree very soon. So dust off your degree work and pay attention to your email for the date for the degree. If you have a favorite part to perform for the degree let me know as soon as possible so we can get the cast set up ahead of time.
Our Sr. Steward, Brother Patrick Majeski did an outstanding job as usual of ensuring the fellowship prior to the stated communications was outstanding. It should be noted that this was his last stated communications here with us as the Marine Corps has decided that his talents will be better utilized on the island of Oahu as a member of the 3rd Marine Regiment. Fair Seas and Following Winds Brother Patrick!
The District School for the month of February was held at Dale City Lodge on the 26th and exemplified the Entered Apprentice Degree. WB Ramon delivered a program on the E.A Degree with an emphasis on the history behind the degree and the requirements that early E.A.’s were expected to fulfill.
Worshipful Brother’s Mike Zarlenga of Mt. Vernon and Mike Brennan did an excellent job with the return of the Catechism. We were tasked with filling the Treasurers position, which I managed to do in a proficient manner.
An administrative note on upcoming events:
The Scottish Rite dinner will be held at the same location as last year on March 16th, up at Fair Oaks in Fairfax. Truly a wonderful gathering and a coming together for fellowship and mingling with Masonic brothers from many other lodges and an opportunity to meet with old friends and perhaps make new ones.
The Division Leadership Conference is also coming up soon, it is March 21st at the Scottish Rite Temple in Alexandria.
The William Hiram Woods school is fast approaching, make plans now to attend if possible. The school is done in two sessions with the first session being held at Mount Vernon Lodge on the 28th of March and the second session slated to be held at the Scottish Rite Temple in Alexandria on the 18th of April.
We have the honor at this month’s stated communication to receive our very own RW Rex Rockhill for his official District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District 1B visit to our lodge. Come out and show him our support.
If you have not received your DIBS card yet and still want to attend lodge, it’s fine. If you arrive during the evening they will just check your ID. It’s only during the day that they will direct you to the licensing area for your DIBS card.
District 1B is in need of your help for the William Hiram Wood Schools. There are vacant positions that we will need to fill before the degree. If you would like to fill one of the vacant positions or you can fill a position in case someone doesn’t show up please let Jim Scites know The first William Hiram Wood School will be held at Mt. Vernon Lodge on Saturday March 28, 2020 sign in beginning at 7:00 AM and will be in the Second Degree in Masonry. The second William Hiram Wood School will be held at Henry Knox Field John Blair Lodge (Inside the Scottish Rite Temple) on Saturday April 18, 2020 sign in beginning at 7:00 AM and will be in the MM Degree.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Randall Arnold, Worshipful Master
John A. Lejeune Lodge No. 350 AF&AM

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