March 2021 Trestleboard

As we all know, the Stated Communications for the month of February was cancelled for the second time over concerns of a COVID resurge. I will be quite frank in saying that I am a bit fatigued that this virus has droned on for over a year as I am certain many of you all have as well, but I remain hopeful that this cancellation of a Stated Communication will be the last one on my watch. I said that last time and may have jinxed myself.
For this month’s Stated Communications on the 15th we will be holding elections. There will be a tiled and closed installation immediately following.
I had a short communication with Brother Marcel Luten; he stated that he is in receipt of orders that the Marine Corps has given him notice of and will be returning from his assignment in Okinawa and is slated to be stationed at the Pentagon. With that news I don’t know if I should congratulate him or convey my sympathies! I am looking forward to seeing him in Lodge quite soon.
March 2021 Masonic Birthdays for #350

    Richard Calvo March 13, 2001 20 years
    Michael Coughenour March 13, 2001 20 years
    William Goble March 06, 1961 41 Years
    Scott Johnson March 22, 1988 33 years
    Earl Jones March 16, 1994 27 years
    Rick E. Killion March 25, 1985 36 years
    Tory Thurston March 27, 2007 14 years
    Kenneth Wrisley March 22, 1999 22 years

Additionally, there are a few announcements concerning the well-being of some of the Brethren;

  • It is with sadness that I inform you Worshipful Brother Wayne Lee Moreland passed away on February 5, 2021. Worshipful Brother Wayne was the Master of John A. Lejeune Lodge in 2006 and a member of several others. Please keep his wife Cathy and his daughter Amanda and son-in-law Worshipful Brother Jeremy Utt in your prayers as they work through this very trying time.
  • Right Worshipful Brother Don Ritenour is home after a brief stay in the hospital for some problems with an ongoing ailment. He is in good spirits and in under the very watchful eye of his wife Debbie. Wish him well that he may be able to return to Lodge in the near future.
  • I was informed that Worshipful Brother Eddie Sykes suffered a bit of a fall due to ice on his driveway, his condition remains upbeat though guarded. Please, no jokes about break-dancing (groan).
  • Please keep Brother Frank Harris in your prayers during what continues to be a very trying and emotional time for him and the family following the passing of his wife Terri.
  • Brother Earl Covey one of our very senior honored members, remains at the Veterans Home in Washington, D.C.
  • Brother Roger Easterling is still recovering from surgery for a knee replacement back in November, but his odds of participating in the Marine Corps Marathon this coming October are at this point in time quite doubtful. Hang in there, Roger, we are pulling for you! While he still has trouble using his left shoulder, it too continues to improve with time.
  • If there is a brother that you have not had any word from or contact with in a while, I urge you to reach out and check on them. We are all in this together although it may not seem like it at times.

    Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.
    Administrative notes and parting shots:
    We will continue holding Lodge School on Monday evening at 7:00 p.m., 1900 for Military personnel. We are currently exemplifying the E.A. Degree and will begin exemplification of the Fellowcraft Degree beginning in March. Everyone is welcome to come out and offer input or just refresh existing knowledge.
    Also, we currently have the “Travelling Gavel” will be making a fraternal visit within the District to “gift” it to some very lucky well deserving Lodge in the near future!
    Sincerely and Fraternally,
    Randall Arnold, Worshipful Master

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