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From the East:

Spring is upon us time to start cleaning out old cupboards and getting yards ready for summer. It is also a time to give birth to new ideas and expounding on newer concepts—servant leadership. Servant leadership is all about serving others. Its about putting others first, even when its not convenient or comfortable. Its about abandoning ourselves and using our strengths to help others. As a leader, its your job to inspire, motivate, and empower your brothers. But as the philosopher, Nietzsche once said, “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”
Our brethren will only become stronger and more capable when they have the space to be themselves and follow their passions, and that only happens when you’re a servant-leader. According to the scholars who studied it, servant leadership might be regarded somewhat as a universal notion despite its origins in both Eastern and Western cultures. When it comes to the East, leadership researchers cite Chinese philosophers from the 5th century BC, such as Laozi, who believed that when the best leaders completed the task of their organizations, their members would respond, “we did it ourselves.”
An effective servant leader creates a supportive environment where their team can thrive. This is in contrast to giving them precise instructions on how to do each of their responsibilities. The servant-leader places oneself at the service of their people within the framework established by those leadership decisions and actions. As we spring forward let our servant towels be larger than the obstacles we see in front of us. Let us aspire to be servant style leaders.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Worshipful Brother Morgan Tolliver

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