October 2020 Trestleboard

Right Worshipful Garnett Russell Bailey

Forgive the tardiness of this month’s Trestleboard, September rolled in and brought with it at least two hurricanes and other surprises. None the least was the passing of a long-time member of the Fraternity, Right Worshipful Brother Garnett Bailey. Brother Garnett had been ill for some time and was under the at-home care of hospice. He will be interred at a later date to be determined and I ask that his family be kept in your prayers. For those that wish to read his obit, click this link.

The rehearsals for all cast members for the One-Day Conferral were held each Wednesday at 7pm at Dale City Lodge and we were all quite surprised to hear that Worshipful Brother Nolan Akau could not make the last one due to someone close to him having contracted the COVID-19.

As with the month prior, per guidance from Grand Lodge, the monthly Stated Communications was held with a minimum of fanfare and personnel because of a continuance of concern for safety of the members of the Fraternity due to the COVID-19 virus. And as before, per guidance from the Grand Master, we did not have a guest speaker, but all Lodge functions and gatherings are at this point still cleared to resume as normal except for meals and the taking of the word. There were four petitions that were voted on and passed for the petitioners to receive the degrees in masonry at the One-Day Conferral which was held on October 3rd at the Scottish Rite Temple in Alexandria. I am quite pleased to announce that the lodge has seven new Master Masons. We will be holding training at the lodge each Monday for those that can attend.

Brother Earl Covey, one of our very senior honored members, remains at the Veterans Home in Washington, D.C. and neither his health not state of cognizance has improved. I ask that all of us please continue to keep him in our prayers.

Administrative notes and parting shots:
As with past Stated Communications, we are back to suit and tie, with tuxedo for the elected officers and there will still be no meal served until the Grand Lodge gives the green light on dinner in the lodges. As previously passed, it is suggested that all brethren eat prior to arrival.

For those of us that are tasked with speaking roles in the lodge, I once again urge you to practice your parts, to include your obligation, as often as you are able as all things can become “rusty” if not used from time to time. Follow the old military habit of knowing the job of the person at least two levels above you to improve your proficiency.

Last, but not least, for those interested; the National Museum of the Marine Corps re-opened its doors on the 8th of September after a six-month closure, due to the COVID-19. They have installed numerous stations for hand sanitizer and “Social Distancing” will continue be strongly emphasized as well as the wearing of facemasks. The Combat Art Gallery has opened at exhibition of over 100 pieces painted by Col. Charles Waterhouse that displays individual acts of extreme heroism in World War II by both Navy and Marine Corps personnel during the pacific campaigns. I urge anyone that has the time to visit and view the museum and exhibits.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Randall Arnold, Worshipful Master

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