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John A. Lejeune lodge picture from outside. Signs have relevant lodge times on them.

For September’s Stated Communications, dinner was provided by the Ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star. Chicken Cordon Bleu with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. Dessert was apple pie ala mode. Simply put, it was outstanding!
Brother William “Bill” Smith did an outstanding job in returning his Master Mason Catechism to the Lodge.
A petition to receive the degrees in Masonry was read to the lodge; voting for it will be performed at the next Stated Communication with word forthcoming on a date for Entered Apprentice degree work.
District School was presented at Springfield Lodge on Wednesday the 22. Fellowship went at 6 p.m. and we were treated to a great meal of Greek gyros with pita bread. The District Education Officer gave a short presentation at 7 p.m. on a variety of Masonic terms that we use but may not have had a complete understanding of. The school began at 7:30 with the second section of the Master Mason degree exemplified. The District Instructor of Work could not be there so the Deputy DIW, Worshipful Brother Nolan Akau officiated. The final school for the year is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22 with Fort Hunt/Skidmore hosting.
I received a call on Saturday the 25 from Brother Rod Ayers son that he had put down his working tools and had gone to that spiritual building, that house not made with hands, earlier in the day. Brother Rode received a Masonic funeral service.
Additionally, there are a few announcements concerning the well-being of some of the Brethren;
Right Worshipful Brother Don Ritenour and his wife Debbie are apparently still doing well and are in good spirits. As always, please keep them in your thoughts and wish them well that he may be able to return to Lodge in the near future.
Brother Mac McAfee had suffered a fall and injured his leg a few weeks ago, but has been reported as doing better.
Worshipful Brother Earl Covey one of our very senior honored members, remains at a Hospice in Silver Spring, Md. with no change in his condition.
Last, but most certainly not least, if there is a brother that you have not had any word from or contact with in a while, I urge you to reach and check on them. No brother is an island as long as there is one brother to check on him.
This month’s “Topic for Ponderance” was taken from the Short Talk Bulleting and is entitled; “Servant Leadership As a Lodge Warden,” it was written by S. Lane Pierce.
The author is a 25-year Mason from Pilot Point, Texas. He is a Knight of the York Cross of Honor and the Program Executive for the York Rite Leadership Training Program. This article previously was published in the July, 2021 issue of the Knight Templar Magazine.

“Servant Leadership As a Lodge Warden”
Servant Leaderships is a special kind of leadership paradigm.
As a servant leader, you have no authority because of title or position. Any authority you have is given to you by others. You cannot assume authority. You are a leader because of those you lead.
It is true that we Masons love our titles. We have loads of them! Yet, without the consent of the brethren, your title means nothing.
As a Steward, you learned to serve others and to find pleasure in making them happy. That is the grand design of Freemasonry, is it not?
As a Deacon, you earned the trust of the brethren and took responsibility to ensure all present were qualified to be there. You also began to assume responsibility for some of the work of the lodge.
This article focuses on the next major step, that of serving as one of the Wardens of the lodge.
The Junior Warden is the first true leadership role in the lodge. The Junior Warden is responsible for the Craft when the lodge is at refreshment. It is his duty to see that the brothers are attended to and that none convert refreshment into intemperance or excess. Because of these responsibilities, the Junior Warden leads the Stewards in their duties.
One of the symbolic lights, the moon, represents the Junior Warden. It is and appropriate symbol for him since he is the authority during the hours of refreshment. And while he is the leader of the Stewards, he is assisted by the Deacon, who has the moon in the center of his emblem of office.
The Junior Warden should take care to see that the brethren are refreshed mentally and spiritually as well as physically. Before and after a stated meeting, the Junior Warden would be responsible for ensuring there are useful and cultured topics of social intercourse.
The Junior Warden is obliged to attend all meetings and assist the Master and Senior Warden so that the lodge is run profitably and for the benefit of the members.
To do this, the Junior Warden must give commands and directions to the brothers, but he must learn to do so from a place of reason and influence. Remember, Masonic wages are paid in the form of knowledge, satisfaction, and recognition for good work. There is no monetary pay or suspensions that a Junior Warden can impose for noncompliance. He must be cordial and persuasive.
Returning to the symbolic lights, the sun represents the Senior Warden. This is a proper association because responsible for the craft during the hours of work. He is to see the duties are done, and that work is executed with integrity.
Likewise, the Senior Deacon, who had the primary responsibility for seeing candidates throughout the ritual, has the sun in the middle of his symbol.
Because the Deacons assist the three principal officers in their duties and the work of the lodge in general, the Deacons report to the Senior Warden. They are his staff.
As the Senior Warden, you should take on the role of ensuring the lodge is done correctly. The Senior Warden should make sure that all officers are in attendance and, when someone is not at his position, to make sure the position is filled by a competent brother.
The Senior Warden oversees the work of the brethren until it is complete and thus, he pays their wages. He is also charged with making sure that none depart dissatisfied. Maintaining peace and harmony is his primary goal. To that end, the Senior Warden may resolve disputes between brethren, being sure to defer to the Worshipful Master in all appropriate matters.
And then we have the Worshipful Master. While ultimately, all things related to the governance of the lodge fall under his authority, his most important functions are to set the direction, communicate the vision, and delegate so the lodge might move in unity toward a grand future.
Administrative notes and parting shots:
For the upcoming Stated Communications, October will be “Past Masters Night” (speaker TBD), November will be “Wardens Night” also referred to as “Step Up Night,” (speaker TBD).

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Randall Arnold
Worshipful Master

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